Recording History


·       With Barbara Dickson  ‘Pollock Halls Compilation’                   


·       With ‘Heritage’             ‘Some RantinRovin’ Fun’                    

                                                    ‘When the Dancin’ it’s a’ Done’          


                                                    ‘Tell tae Me                                     


·         With Andy Hunter      ‘King Fareweel                                   


·         With Lindsay Porteous ‘Lindsay Porteous & Friends’                 


·         With George Haig       ‘All the Best for Now’                          


·         With John Watt           ‘Heroes’                                             


·         With Sandy Stanage     Twa Times Ower                              


·        Solo                            ‘O Lassie, Lassie’                                 

                                                    ‘Half Ower, Half Ower tae Aberdour  


There also many compilation albums featuring tracks by Jack

on Greentrax, Temple/Flying Fish, Rough Guide and Living Tradition.